Workshop at School

The workshops are organized in our school because we know its importance. The theoretical knowledge is important but practical has its own value.

A Workshop is a practice which enhances the hidden creativity of the students. It helps to see the intellectual level of the students.

It is an extracurricular activity included in the syllabus of all the classes or standards of our school. And according to the student’s level or class, various workshops are organized to increase their excellence, efficiency and talent.

Shaheen Public School is one of the school which provide students a better environment so that any of the student will not feel shy to attend the workshop.

Workshop on different topics are organized to let the students explore their knowledge by being a part of that. The workshop environment is very much friendly so that more and more students can join the workshop.

Workshops are organized on the weekly basis or daily basis as per the requirement of the workshop. Workshop follows a practical approach instead of the theories because students feel theory as boring. That is why, students get more interest in workshops.

The more complicated topics can easily be understandable in workshops and it is its specialty.