Language Excellence

A Language is an interaction between people, communities and countries. So that, if someone has to convey a message then the language is not enough the efficiency of language must be there.

Hindi is our national language but even then its excellence is important and to make it possible we have Hindi grammar and Hindi literature included in the syllabi.

English is not our national language but now a days, English being more important than Hindi because English is a language which is used globally. English grammar to understand the structure and literature for practice are subjects of all the students of our school. English speaking classes are also held to build the student confidence.

As Shaheen Public School is an Islamic School, the Urdu and Arabic are also being taught to the students from Nursery standard. We give the first priority to these languages because Urdu and Arabic are our pride. These languages are also a part of the syllabi.

The power of any Language is its correct pronunciation and that is why, we teach these languages by not compromising with it, to our students. We work on the excellence of language along with all important subjects as we know, a language can express someone’s feeling.