Students Parliament

Students Parliament

The Students of Shaheen Public School were participated in‪ #‎StudentsParliament‬ which was organized by Students Islamic Organisations of India (SIO) on 23rd July 2016 at Constitutional Club of India, Delhi.

There are 3 sessions in this Conference under the topic: Exploring Current Educational Scenario – Issues and Possible Solutions.
1. Education under market – driven neoliberal policies.
2. Political Economy of Education.
3. Institutionalised communalization.

Chief guests of this programs are Prof. M V Rajeev Gowdra (Member of parliament), Mr. E. T Mohammad Basheer (Member of parliament), Ashish khetan (Spoke person AAP).


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StudentsParliament‬ conducted to discuss current educational scenario

“An agitation without education will be harmful to the country and society like Jat and Gujjar agitation. He expressed concern over saffronisation of‪#‎education‬ and killing of pluralism.”

Student Islamic Organization organised a ‘Student Parliament’ on different issues related to education at ‪#‎Constitution_Club‬ in Delhi on Saturday. There were four sessions including inaugural session which were named as ‘Education under market driven Neo liberal Policies’, “Political Economy of Indian Education System” and “Institutionalized Communalization”.

The first session was inaugural session addressed by Len Ji, National General Secretary, National Student Union of India, Salimullah Khan , Head, Education Affairs, Humal Welfare Foundation and Meeran Haider, leader of Jamia Student Federation.
In this session Meeran Haider said that we are not able to elect our right representatives unless we are educated. An agitation without education will be harmful to the country and society like Jat and Gujjar agitation. He expressed concern over saffronisation of education and killing of pluralism.
In the second session, Prof. M.V. Rajeev , Member of Parliament, and Javed Zafar , CSR, Hyderabad addressed and discussed with students on ‘‘Education under market driven Neo liberal Policies’. Addressing the students, Rajeev Gowda said that commercialization and privatization of education are very complex issues. One can hardly take a stand on these issues. The real issues are quality and equality of education. He said that globalization and market forces are exporting our brains. He urged the government to increase the education budget and criticized it for terrible condition of government schools. Javed Jafar said that market driven‪#‎neoliberal‬ Policies are a moral issue along with political issue. A new political movement is needed to address this issue. There is a need for alternative to address neoliberal policies.

In the third session, Ashish Khetan, AAP, Spokesperson, and Rizwan Qaiser, professor, ‪#‎Jamia_Millia_Islamia‬ interacted with students over ‘Institutionalized Communalization’. Ashish Khetan criticized Modi government for adopting communal policy in his governance. He said that 30 percent of the people granted vote to Modi government for development but there is an attack on freedom of expression and organized mob violence by right wing groups.
Rizwan Quaiser urged the students to introspect on secularism and being a citizen of the country. He said to be true scholar by practicing religion.

In the final note, Iqbal Hussain , President of SIO, urged students to be agent of social changes. He also said no social changes can be occurred without education. He emphasized the larger role of student community in social changes. He also criticized the government for not implementing ‪#‎RTE‬and Kothari commission.